GJ Contractors a name that has become famous due to how we render our services – top notch! Who are the people behind this company? Greg is the G and John is the J in GJ. They are brothers who have been working separately in the construction industry. They have 20 years of experience and have been considered as experts in the said field.

Twenty years today, Greg and John are reaping the fruits of their hard work. They are managing GJ Contractors very well that it became successful in two decades’ time.

Two words that have always been the foundation of the company’s success – TOP NOTCH! Every project that the company is in it should at all cost be top notch. There is no room for error. This should be the end result.

Top notch has been the driving power of Greg and John, of the entire GJ Contractors. No wonder even until no one can surpass what the company has achieved in the construction industry. We have not been complacent as to where the company is today, we always strive and aim to be on the top. This is what the company is all about, it’s trademark.