GJ Contractors Your #1 Construction Company!

We do a great job on all our construction projects.

We have clients, giving all praises and thumbs up to us.
We have marvelous projects that have made people in awe.
We have a sense of professionalism. Even if you are not in one of our services areas, we will assist you in getting the best company in your area. For example we do a lot of joint venture work with Pretoria building contractors, and can thus help you in finding one nearest to you with a good track record.
Lastly, we are dedicated to do our job to the highest of our ability without any issues at all.

We are your One Stop Shop for all your construction needs!

We do not just have 2-3 services, we have many to choose from.
We do know what you need, so we render service that fits you and your budget.
We have in-house professionals who have years of experience which means we are reliable.

We deliver TOP NOTCH construction service!

We do work on each project as detailed as we can be. We never missed a spot.
We do follow standard procedures in doing a project. Rest assured we deliver quality service.
We do quality assurance. There will be no back job at all.

GJ Contractors Takes Pride On All of our Projects!

Every project we did in the past is a product of all hard work and love.
We do not compromise quality in order to deliver on time.
We do things professionally. Never underestimate our power on doing proper planning.
We have the best people to do the projects. We never let a neophyte handles one.

Why go to GJ Contractors?

Hire us for the following reasons:

Top notch construction service.
On-time delivery.
We have a sense of professionalism.

We do  site clearing as well, from tree felling, brush and hedge trimming and rubble removal. If you are looking for tree felling services near Pretoria we will assist you in getting the proper company to do the job.


Lastly, we will never let down any client or turn down any project at all. So, whatever construction project you have on hand – we will do it without any questions ask. It will be a challenge for us and we will handle it diligently and deliver quality output.